Leadership Reference Guide (LRG)
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How to Connect with Florida Realtors Leadership & Resources

Our new digital Florida Realtors Leadership Reference Guide helps you find the contacts and resources you need now.

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE 2023 Florida Realtors Leadership Reference Guide.

Each year, Florida Realtors issues its annual Leadership Reference Guide, and this year we're excited to introduce this valuable resource in the form of a powerful digital tool.

The Leadership Reference Guide (LRG) is your connection to the association's leadership contacts and resources, including the officers and members that serve on leadership committees. 

You’ll also find association policies and bylaws, in-depth local association information, affiliated Realtor group descriptions and contacts, as well as a directory for the Florida Realtors management team.

The new easy-to-use digital format makes finding the person or information you're looking for simpler than ever — right from your desktop, phone or tablet. Plus, any changes can be made instantaneously, meaning it's more accurate than ever. 

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE 2023 Florida Realtors Leadership Reference Guide.

Benefits of digital LRG

  • You can’t misplace your guidebook anymore. LRG goes where your phone and tablet go.
  • Robust search capabilities will help you find the person or the info you need...right now.
  • Members are in control of their data and can easily update contact info throughout the year. 
  • Addresses can now link to mapping/direction apps with a simple click for easy navigation and travel.
  • Have a new selfie that you love? It’s easier than ever to upload your personal photo to your profile directly from any smart device or desktop computer.
  • Phone numbers and email addresses are hyperlinked in the digital LRG, making it fast and easy to connect with members, staff, committee leadership, etc.
  • Profiles include links to members’ social media pages.
  • Preview or download association documents for review or research when you need them.